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Branding is the heart of your business, as it represents the culture, the idea and the powerhouse of your business/product/project to your patrons. Hitting the hearts of the audience is the main idea behind the branding. You need something that no only strikes the mind and hearts but something that can absorb the audience completely in your product, now here we came in we can give your brand a logo so powerful that it can create a chaos in the imagination of your audience.

Raddium is a place which can turn your imagination into reality, trust us because we can deliver. Let us promote your brand professionally by designed standees, kiosk design, packaging design, booklet, poster, banner, leaflet, and newsletter. We value the system and work under the brand identity prism. We know the market, we know the audience, let us help you to build your imagination into the reality. Your goals are our ambition.




Corporate identity is regarded as the first initiative in the success and prosperity of the work setup. Creating corporate identity is like collaborating all the features together in order to deliver values to your customers which means that the role of the Corporate Identity design is important since it is the inclusive image of an establishment or business company in the minds of assorted audiences such as customers, investors, and employees.

We design astonishing logo, ingenious web templates, letterheads and stationary. We do intangible branding proficiently and brainstorm till we reach our goals. The bright future of your business resides with Raddium.

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